Porch decoration, front or back, deserve the same attention that we pay for the interior place design. In my personal opinion, the season doesn’t define the design of this place but we need to think about cold days which are already here and to find some ways to cover this place. I invite you to stay with us to the end of this post, to see the photos below and to learn something new from it.

1. Paint the floor and the ceiling of the porch in the same colour

In the very first photo of our post about porch decoration, we will give you an inspiration about the same design for the flooring and ceiling. As you can see we have created a wooden seating area in this place but also there is enough space for swings and floating furniture which is in this case – the hammock.

2. Add floating furniture as a part of porch place

It doesn’t necessarily that the floating furniture must be the hammock but it can also be a floating bench where you will read your favourite book. If you have a free place like this in the outdoor place, it would be bad to forget about it. Clean the place and copy the design in this photo and make the best front yard.

porch makeover

Photo via www.homebnc.com

3. Add a privacy screen to make a private place, porch decoration

In the third photo, we have the chance to give you a fall accent design. Now, day by day the weather is getting colder and you need a privacy screen to this place and you can’t just leave it open as it was open in the summer time. Also, you need a privacy screen because you need complete protection from neighbours who are always curious about with who you are seating in this place.

porch privacy screen porch decoration

Photo via www.hgtv.com

4. Create relaxing front porch with two seating chairs and gallery wall

This design reminds me of two persons who are in love and seating here in this place together reading the news together until they grow old together. Nowadays, it’s hard to find people like this but yes, you can create the design in the same way as in the photo. Two lounge seating chairs, one coffee table and wooden screen on the wall with a picture frame in a middle are enough for one cool design.

5. Welcoming and small front porch design

And slowly but surely we are to the end of this amazing article that was about porch decorating ideas. For the end, we decided to show you how to design the small porch with flower pots and also to keep the modern design. I won’t keep your attention and time any more, just see the photo below and copy the style for your outdoor place if you have time and money for doing that.

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