White walls may be the most common choice, but you can all agree that such walls can look quite boring. So, adding some accent wall can definitely change the look of the room. An accent wall has a design different from the other walls in the room and there are many types of accent walls to choose from. Below you will find the most common choices that may be an inspiration for your home decor.

  • A wall in different shade or color

One way to create an accent wall in the room is to choose a darker shade form the rest of the walls, or maybe even choose a different color to add some contrast and pop of color.

  • A textured wall

Yes, besides the shade or color, you can choose an accent wall with different texture. This can be some brick or stone wall, or maybe even a wooden one. Brick walls a re perfect for industrial interiors, stone walls for rustic interiors, while wooden ones can be perfect choice for the modern home.

  • Wall mural

And of course, there is no better way to create an accent wall then to choose some wall mural. This can be some landscape, portrait, or even some 3D design. The choice is yours and you should make sure that it fits well in the interior.

The possibilities for an accent wall are quite versatile, so you will for sure find the right one for your home. When it comes to decide on which wall should be an accent wall, again it will depend from the type of the room. The wall behind the sofa or the one where the Tv stands are the best choices for the living room. The wall behind the bed is often used as an accent wall in the bedroom. But of course, these are not rules and in the end it’s all up to your taste as well as the room layout and furniture organization.

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