Around the world, there are different parks with water features and fountain that are significant for those cities and beautify the space. Most of us won’t have a chance to visit this places, so let’s scroll down and see the images.

In the following, I invite you to see the most delightful water features around the world. Take a look at something that architecture admires – amazing water features around the world! Be kind and share these fountains with friends to inspire them too!

Büro Wehberg Hamburg – Water features

This special water features fountain is located in Hamburg, Germany. It’s the world’s most popular fountain and here many visitors are coming just to see this amazing place. Look at this cute girl that is playing under the fountain, how wonderful!

The feeling of falling water up to you is great, is the same as is raining but you can’t get wet. Listening to the sounds of water whispering makes you feel relaxing and helps you to enjoy at the moment.

Water fountain art in Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam is a city full of public fountains and water features. We must admit that this is a creative water fountain built underground.

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

The location of this memorial fountain water features is in London, Hyde Park and dedicated to Princess Diana. As we can see in the following image, Hyde Park is one of the most fluent places where people are walking and enjoying the modern architecture and nature.

Blaxland Riverside Free Water Park

Blaxland Riverside Park is a free Park in Sydney where kids come to have fun and to play with the water fountains. This park is long around 3 hectares and includes double flying fox, water wind, mega-swing, tunnel slides, scramble wall, spinning play disk, a multi-level tree house which makes this place favourite to the children. 

As we can see in this image one little boy is playing and having fun in the water park, Blaxland.

Rooftop Garden Water Features – Brooklyn Bridge Park

Rooftop garden placed in the bridge park in Brooklyn. An amazing seating area with a lot of visitors per day. Some people call it ”the meadow of the sky” and those who came here will surely come back again.

Unbelievable Stone Waterfall – Art

Interesting balancing rock waterfall is the description of this photo. One of the best and unusual water fountains around the world.


Osaka, Japan, Isamu Noguchi Floating Fountains

Floating fountains looks great and this unusual floating fountain is located in Osaka in Japan. Maybe you will think that this is an optical illusion and it will be hard to beleive in your eyes, but this is REAL. The next post for today is titled: Wooden sink design you will fall in love with. Check it out our website and we will be thankful to you!

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