The best thing about tiny apartments is that they have lower rents. Plus, most of them have irreplaceable cozy charm that will warm your heart and make you wanna stay in it forever. If you are planning to redecorate your small space, don’t be like the most people who put the focus on functionality rather than design! Your apartment may be limited on space, but that doesn’t mean it has to be short on style.

Follow these tips here and decorate your tiny home the best you can!

Define separate areas

Open concept living is a magnificent choice, but it is definitely not appropriate for tiny spaces! It can make your small apartment look messy and unorganized. To avoid this, I advise you to define separate areas and give each area a specific purpose.

Buy dual-purpose furniture designs

If you live in a small apartment, you have probably noticed that every inch counts. That’s why you should invest in dual-purpose furniture, like an ottoman that can be used for storing things, a trundle bed that can be used as a sofa, etc.

Find an Organization System

If you want your tiny apartment to be functional, you need to choose the best organization system for your space. Buy some organizers, like back of the door shoe hangers, lining shelves or wicker baskets that will keep your things on hand always.

Choose a light color palette

When choosing colors for your interior, I advise you to keep things light. Darker colors can make your home appear smaller to the eye, while lighter hues will open things back up. When choosing a palette, focus on using three colors: two bright shades and one darker to add some accents and make your space visually interesting.

Rethink unused spaces

Look around your tiny apartment and think about spaces that you are not using in the most effective way and that can serve a very useful purpose! Blank walls and unused corners can be very functional.


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