If you’re thinking about installing electric gates at your home, you may want to know whether they can be forcefully opened. It’s a frequently asked question that comes up in two distinct circumstances.

They want to know what will happen if the mains go down. Will they be able to enter or depart their property if the main electricity supply fails or if there is a gate problem?

The second concern is that it’s not safe. How difficult is it for intruders to force their way through electric gates?

Opening gates during a power cut

Power outages can be pretty inconvenient. Backing up the electric gates with a back-up power supply is a wise preventative measure to consider.

Even if your mains supply is shut off for a while, you can still use your electric gates a few times by storing them.

What about manual release?

The basic rule of thumb is that you should never force a manual release mechanism. You should always apply pressure to the gate gradually and steadily. A key is generally used to operate the manual release mechanism, which is inserted into a lock on the motor housing and then turned to allow the gate to be moved manually without damaging the motors, motor arms, or mounting points.

Cutting the power will release a magnetic lock when gates are equipped with one. It’s always a smart idea to have your manual release system checked by a professional gate installer as part of an agreed maintenance plan.

Can electric gates be forced open by an intruder?

If you have electric gates put in, it will improve the safety of your home. They serve as a physical barrier that may deter even the most determined thief who knows how difficult it is to pry open electric gates without using a lot of force.

There are significant differences between swing gates and sliding gates, which must be considered. Swing gates may be opened by applying enough force at the hinge’s farthest edge.

When the latching mechanism is released, the force at which it can shatter motors, motor arms, and hinges becomes even more powerful. As a result, swing gates with leaves more than 2 meters broad require a locking mechanism to keep the closed gates together. When sliding gates are closed, they are held in place by vertical supports on both sides of the driveway entrance.

Because sliding gates must be pushed open against the surrounding uprights, forcing them open is more difficult than opening swing gates without locks. Linkcare can assist you with learning more about how electric gates may help enhance the security of your home by contacting LinkCare.

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