The best solution for books organization, souvenirs arrangement, are exactly the shelves. This article is about special shelves design, modern shelves with lighting. The most interesting fact about shelves is that we can see it in every size, in every shape and we can use it in every place. Usually, we use it in an entryway place for shoe organization, or we use it in our living room. When used in the living room we add souvenirs and small objects that are very special to us. That are things and objects that we want to show to the guests that are visiting our house.

Modern shelves with special design and lighting (shown in the images below) will definitely catch your eyes. Check the tips for designing spaces with special shelves design. Find some ideas for your home decor!

Modern Shelves With Lighting for Modern Look of Entryway

The combination of shelves and lighting will give you perfect home decor. Especially, when you choose to have this perfection to maximize the entryway place. It’s inviting, charming, calling…

Corner Floating Shelves for Entryway of a Small but Modern Apartment

Find the perfect corner place for your flower pots. Add corner floating shelves and give your small apartment additional beauty.

Creative White Shelving to Make an Inviting Entryway, Again

For me personally, white color gives your room a shiny look. In the following image, we may see how good looks white color shelves in an entryway place. Good organization and modern style!

Storage and Organize Your Shoes With a Perfect Shelving Ideas

Organize your shoes by using this amazing idea. If I am you, I will start thinking about adding this to my home, immediately.

Special Shelves Design for Living Room Place

This living room is a real example why we should add shelves in this place. This is the place where we gather with our friends, the place where we receive our guests. Show them your creativity in home decor by adding this perfect shelves.

Shelving With Lighting Gives You Perfection

Use LED lighting with your shelves. Be modern and creative but also save on energy. See how it looks like in the hereinafter image and copy it in your home!

Perfect Shelves With Combination of Glass and Small Rocks

Small rocks are used constantly in home decor. We may see it in exterior decor, but also in indoor place. Look at its beauty, look at this amazing combination. Don’t you wish to have this shelving in your living room at this moment?

The Last and The Most Creative Entryway Shelves

This is the last and the most creative shelves used for shoe organization and other things you need in entryway place. Thanks for spending your time to read our amazing ideas. Keep doing that in future to find out more ideas about home decor! Tell your friends about these amazing ideas!

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