One of the most important factors you need to consider when decorating a small space is to get the most of it. So, this means that you shouldn’t neglect the empty corner space and instead use it in some way. And yes, there are many possible ways of how to use this space and the following tips will help you for sure. Check them out and get inspired of how to use the empty corner space all around your home.

Living Room

Let’s start with your living room. You can use the corner space for setting a corner sofa. This is perfect choice for small living rooms. This could also be the perfect place for a corner fireplace, some corner shelves where you can display your favorite book collection or some decorative centerpieces etc. Or there is yet one option of adding some plant in the empty corner. Just make sure to choose a plant that requires low light. And in case none of these is according to your taste, then add a floor lamp over there.



Since the kitchen is the place where you prepare your food and drinks, you need to have great storage space for all those kitchen utensils and gadgets. So, some corner shelves or drawers will definitely provide extra storage space. You can also choose some corner sink. Try adding a window above it if possible, so that the space can get more natural light and thus appear brighter and bigger. Or in case you don’t like a corner sink, then maybe you can add a corner oven in your kitchen. This will give you the chance to add more drawers and cupboards on the side.


The bathroom corner space shouldn’t be left empty too. The bathroom is also the place that requires more storage space for all those beauty products, toiletries, towels etc. So, some corner drawers or shelves are a must-have for small bathrooms. Also, instead of a regular bathtub in the middle of the bathroom, you can choose a corner one and get more space to move freely through the bathroom.



And when it comes to using the corner space in your bedroom, well, again there are versatile options. You can place your bed in the corner, although this may be considered as not appropriate according to Feng Shui. Some corner shelves may be perfect choice too. Or you can place the closet over there.

All in all, there are versatile options of using the empty corner space all around the house, so don’t neglect it anymore. The above tips are the definitely some of the best ones you should consider, so we hope that you will find them useful.

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