To leave a window without any covering is the biggest mistake of someone’s house design. Why do we need top curtains design? We need curtains to cover the windows and to beautify the roo decor. We also need it to have a privacy in the house and to hide our house of neighbours.

In the following photos, you will see top curtains design for authentic house look. Don’t miss it because some of them will ruin your heart! And here you may check other wonderful&aluring curtains ideas that are HIT on social media!

Red and green the top curtains design

Many people would choose just one coloured curtain. But look at this wonderful design, the white colour is dominant but red and green colour give an extra beautiful look to the window covers!

Red and white draperies for window covering

Our second idea is about red curtains again. This time, the red colour is dominant and there is no use of green colour. Maybe this is what you dream for?

Green and yellow curtain design

Yellow and green is an excellent choice for your room decor. I love the combination of these two colours that beautify ever room window.

Modern design for modern house

Choose this design if your house has a modern design and make it the best house in the world. This is the best idea of this post, so, it would be smart to save it on your desktop and to use it when planning to make a home improvement.

Black and white curtains design

These two colours are standard and suits in every house, suits in every room window.

Yellow window curtain design idea

This is my favourite idea. Perfect cover for a small window in a kitchen place, do you share the same opinion as me? Tell me in a comment below this post.

Orange and white draperies

Give your room an authentic look with the orange and white combination, window covering. The fashion is coming back, so don’t be a sceptic to choose this!

Purple and white bedroom curtains design

You can add curtains even though you don’t have a window. Look at this idea that is amazing. Find inspiration for your wall above the bed and make it creative!

Cute curtains for dining room place

Here we offer you the idea about the window in the dining room. Choose something simply because this room is seen by the guests that are coming to your house. You don’t need to exaggerate with the design!

What about blue curtains with nice design?

The blue colour will open the room, will make a lovely and cute design of the interior. So, why don’t you think about adding this style? This is the last photo so thanks for being our favourite readers, we will continue to search for the best idea just to inspire you!

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