Do you want to live in a modern designed house place? Do you want to have modern pieces of furniture at your home place? What you need as a part of your house is a modern and unique rustic table that will make a statement in your H O M E! My introduction for this post will be short because I want to leave you more space about checking the photos below where you will find inspiration for your house place. Enjoy in modern design!

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Unique rustic table for the dining room

In our chosen photos for today, you will see ideas about rustic tables using in the dining room place and only a few used in the living room place. With a table like this, you can create one modern design in your home worth copying.

Dining room rustic wooden table with a unique shape

If you have a large dining room place than you should choose a large dining table made of wood and rustic. You can use this table for gathering with the family and friends or for making some meetings with the colleagues from work.

unique rustic table

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Modern dining room table, handmade

But in case you have the small dining room, simply choose the small rustic table that you will use just for eating on it. What I appreciate the most of this tables is the fact that is made by hand.

Circular and wooden rustic table

Circular and wooden handmade table that will make a STATEMENT of your house place. Find inspiration in this photo.

rustic wooden table

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Contemporary rustic table design for dining room

Change the ambient of your house with a modern table like this in the photo. Take a view in the photo and copy the style for your own home place, strictly for the dining room.

Glass and wood rustic table

Combination of glass and wood looks so nice when we are talking about a dining table and coffee table. Get inspiration from this photo below.

glass and wood combination

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Rustic coffee table to make you say WOW

Simple and small coffee table, handmade and rustic looks good enough for adding it to the centre of your living room place. How nice it would be to drink coffee on a modern coffee table like this that will beautify your ROOM in the best way.

wooden coffee table

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Nice coffee table design idea for the living room

And, we will finish this post with one amazing idea, this table you can also use for drinking coffee on it and also for working on it. You can add it to the living room, of course, if you work at home or you can add it to your office and have a modern office room. Save these ideas on your desktop and save money for making the best home design!

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