This is the coolest urban treehouse in the world. If you have no idea where is placed this house, well, this cool house is placed in Turino, Italy. Is an urban treehouse that is designed by the architect Luciano Pia, built in 2012. This architect had a beautiful vision and created this house with the aim to protect residents from the city pollution. He had the vision to connect a nature with the people, to live together even in an urban place. The motivation was founded by the strength of trees and how the trees hold everything in the world connected together.

Can you believe that this house is surrounded by 150 trees? This house building keeps the city’s air cleaner. The trees naturally absorbing carbon dioxide and providing residents with clean air to breathe, even in the centre of the city, Turino, Italy. Although, it isolates the residents from the urban sounds and smells surrounding them. The climate inside this house is great due to the trees. But, during the winter period, these trees lost their trees and allow light to come into the building. So, during the winter dark days, this building has enough light. 

Check out the following images to see the coolest urban treehouse in the world. Enjoy in the best images that we prepared just for you!

Treehouse Floor Plan

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The structure of this treehouse

Its structure is in steel and it looks like a forest where trees are rooted in terraces with irregular shapes, ponds are crossed by footings and lush gardens cover the roofs. The building has been thought as a living forest, a house on the trees. Is the same as the children houses dream. 

A building with nice terraces, connected with nature. A treehouse that is attractive to tourists that are coming to visit this amazing place.

Living in a treehouse

We have all dreams and fantasy about living in a treehouse. But, actually, we have no idea what’s like to live in a house like this one. People who have their own experience with living in a treehouse says that It sways in the wind like a boat in the sea. 

As I mentioned above, this treehouse protects the air for all the people living in the city. It keeps the city’s air cleaner and isolates the residents from the urban sounds and smells surrounding them. We must admit that this is surely the coolest urban tree house in the world. 

See the last image of the exterior of the coolest urban house in the world.

Well, this is the last photo of this amazing house. What do you think, can you live in a house structured like this one? Tell us in a comment below this post. Keep following our website in future to find out the coolest ideas about architecture and design. Thanks for your attention!


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