A plain white wall can be quite a boring one to look at. But what if that boring wall is incorporated with some wall art? In no time a simple wall art would drastically transform a boring white wall into a funky colorful one that immediately gives a boost to the surrounding. Every room requires a focal point and what could be better than making a fantastic wall art the focal point that quickly grabs the attention of everyone.

Wall Artes

While choosing a wall art to be the focal point of any space, the most crucial factor that should be taken into consideration is the size of the wall art. A wall decor which is too small might get dwarfed by the surrounding artifices and furniture, while a piece that is way big enough will look as it is spilling over the space. Hence a wall art of the perfect size and texture has the ability to change the look if any given space. Let us have a look at some of the wall decor ideas that will bring you appreciation from everyone.

A garland of photos – If you are unable to decide upon any wall decor, then putting up a wreath of all your favorite pictures is the easiest and go –to thing that you can carry out and turn your boring one into an interesting one. The best part of it is you don’t need to worry about getting frames for all the photos that you need to flaunt. All you need for this wall decor is get hold of white strings, your favorite images, clothespin and you are done.

Large-Scale art to the rescue

large scale wall art

if you are looking forward to adding some grace to a small space, then a large scale art is just the thing that you need. An oversize painting will command attention and immediately ace up your small space.

Contemporary art – what could be more sophisticated and trendy than a beautiful modern contemporary wall art. A symphony of corresponding colors and textures is all you need to create a fantastic contemporary wall art.

The perfect travel memories – if you are an ardent traveller and have gathered lots of memories of all your explorations, then don’t just let your memories get stacked up in layers of dust. Gather up all of your memories, put all of them in a collage and spruce up your wall with this collage. You now have a feature wall that displays all your explorations and experiences that you have gathered.

Hanging potted wall plants

hanging wall pots

wall mounted planters are an excellent solution for all those plant lovers who have a small space. Apart from adding greenery to your space, the hanging wall planters also act as a great wall art that displays a varied palette of color combined with nature.

Hang up your favorites – why let your favorites lie in those boring cupboards. Flaunt them by displaying it to everyone and the easiest way of doing this is by arranging them in a creative way on your wall that also makes a fabulous wall decor item as well.

Add colors with yarn hangings

yarn hangings

Of late yarn hangings has gained much popularity as all art because of the vibrant color combinations that they display. Yarn hanging is quite an easy breezy, colorful wall.

These are some amazing wall arts that you can try to spruce up your wall. If you want to checkout beautiful Wall Arts Items then Visit Mirraw Online Store.

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