Hey friends. Today we have a different post which doesn’t have any relations with interior or exterior design but is interesting and touches to all of us. The reason that motivates me to write this is so many young people (couples) that I see around and they are at their 30thies age but aren’t still ready for marriage. The reasons for this, I will give you hereinafter because I made little research on the net that I wish to share with you.

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If you or your friend have this problem, it’s worth to read the full text and to find out the solution for this. There is a solution for every problem dear friends and you just have to be patient!

ready for marriage
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Some couples are so long together, some of them are in love for 5,6..10,12 years but still aren’t married. Some of them end up so bad to break down and lose all these years passed together in the past. Here are the reasons why some guys won’t propose their girlfriends and get away from marriage. Not just the guys but sometimes the girls are those who don’t want marriage because of the same reasons.

They are getting away from obligations and aren’t ready for marriage

Reason number 1. When you are young and you live with mother and father, everything seems to be so great. But once when you get married you have to buy your own things with your salary and this means you won’t able to look for some money from your parents. This is why some guys aren’t still ready to live life like this and they used to run away from wife and obligations they will have in the home.

They aren’t ready to grow old and to be fathers

Reason number 2. They are feeling young and aren’t ready to be a father and take care of their children. they wish to be forever children and waiting for everything from their parents like little sons. The second reason why some guys deny having marriage at their young age but also some of them deny this in their old age.

They don’t have another house for you and him

Reason number 3. The next reason and problem that stops him to propose you are maybe that he doesn’t have another separate house where you can live together. Maybe he won’t want to live with his parents and with you in the same time because he wants you to start a new life together, just you and hm. Think about this and talk to him to find out if this is the reason. Don’t wait all years passed togehter to end up due to this silly reason.

If you are asking me and my opinion on this topic, I think that the right age for getting married should be about 20 to 30 and never late than 30!

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