To have an elegant home means to use wood in the decor. As a decorative element, wood may be used for house walls, house ceiling, house fencing. It can be also used for exterior design. What about the usage of wood slats? Wood slats may be used in a different way, but however, it looks impressive. See wood slats in home design to grab your attention. Check out about how to use wooden mirror frames on your house walls. We are always trying to give you the best ideas to give you inspiration for your home decor.

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Accent wall decor for small bedroom place. Wood slats used for walls decor gives the small bedroom contemporary look. Have a look at this image and impress yourself of its beauty.

This home interior shows us how to add good looking (lightly browned) wood slats TV stand. Create a special look for your living room, because you spend a lot of time in front of your TV. Make an attractive place for staying in, a modern place for relaxation.

Choose wood slice sliding door for your living room. Wood gives a cozy look to your home design.

Wood slats have a usage also in the exterior design. Create an outside door, create a privacy screen for intimacy, create a sliding door for your garage place. Find the perfect place for using the wood slats.

Find an attractive fencing idea in this image. As we can see this attractive fencing surprises with its beauty.

Wall decoration by using wood. Wood gives your house warmness and cozy look. Add wood slats on your home wall, outdoor walls, choose wood for panels, choose wood for sliding door. The ideas are ours and the choice is yours!

Room partition with wooden slices. Make two rooms of one by using this smart wall idea.

Wooden slats may be also used for the walls and for the ceiling. Have a look at this wonderful design and find an inspiration for your house walls and ceiling.

Protect your house by using this attractive fencing made of wood. This is how you need to use wood in the exterior part of your house.

Here is another idea about what to choose for your TV walls. This time we show you light wooden TV stand wall.

The last and the most creative idea of using wood in the exterior. Use wooden fencing in patio place and also use it for the flooring. See this spectacular look that you can have in your outdoor place! Use these amazing wood ideas, choose the best for your interior and exterior design! Share these ideas with the people you know and inspire them too! Have a nice rest of the day!

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