Today we have a fun post for you! It’s about a short and fun story about the graffiti writer and the council cleaner. It’s an interesting story where the graffiti writer writes RED on the wall where is no paint. Next, the council paints the wall in red and this story repeats until the whole wall is painter RED. And imagine in the end, the graffiti writer writes again on the red wall and he wrote this:

Well, that’s one way to end it. It was a fun mate!

To see all storie presented in photos below check the full post here and read the story through photos.

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Here is the start of the post and the writer that wrote this graffiti on the wall with the aim to be painter all building wall in red.

Here is the part when the creative person continues with the story.

Well, I think that the same person that takes photos is the writer.

It’s interesting and fun!

Step by step, the wall will be all in red, check the photos and be patient.

Kind fed spirits.

Finally, the wall of the building is painted all in red and the wall is clean. But will the wall stay empty like this??? Take a look in the photo now.

Well, this is the end now. the message is sent and gets to the council cleaner!!! For creative people like this, there shouldn’t be punishments!!!


I hope that this post was interesting to you! Thanks so much for your time and attention and I hope you will keep following our page in future when we will be back with a new posts and interesting ideas for you!!!

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