Painting wall can be boring or maybe interesting, depending on the final result. That’s the basic reason why some people choose 3D stickers or 3D wallpaper for their house wall decor. Today, we have a do it yourself ideas about how to make dazzling geometric wall decor.

Stay with us to the end of the post see the images and find inspiration for own house walls! Feel free to leave a comment below this post and to share the ideas with friends!

Paint geometric triangle wall decor, DIY

Save money on buying 3D wallpaper and use a cardboard ( a design tool) with a triangle shape to paint this on your walls. This is an easy trick that you might like and try to do it to beautify the house walls.

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Geometric triangle wall decoration

Look at the final result on house walls. This is very impressive design, belief or not, is do it yourself. And triangles look great at any house wall.

Precise drawing geometric figures on the wall

With precise drawing, you can draw nice geometric figures that look great on your interior wall. For this aim, use a pencil and a ruler. If you have children or nephews include them in this project and spend quality time together.


Geometric triangle wall

And, this is the result of your creativity. Different shape, colour and size of triangles painted on the wall makes attractive room.

Creative design for any house walls

Geometric shapes wall design looks great on living room walls, kitchen walls, entryway or bedroom walls. Cool idea for creating an accent wall in one lovely house place. You can play with your house walls in a way to create tren interior.

What colour to choose for walls?

The most difficult question is what colour to choose, yellow, blue, red or green? Or, maybe orange colour? If you are indecisive about the wall colours, try to add five colours to this example. It still looks great and fascinating. Paint colourful vertical lines in your bedroom and see the result!

The result is cool painted wall look

With little creativity shown in the previous image, your bedroom wall can look like this. Be creative and make the best wall of the house.

Do it yourself Quaterfil wall in the interior – a trend

Follow the trend, take the brush in your own hands and start with the painting. This is creative and easy, do it yourself idea that makes awesome house walls. Use your free time for doing something good for your house.

Wall decor, do it yourself

Here is how it looks at the painted wall finally! This is the last idea of this post. I hope you found it inspiring. Follow our website where you can find other cool ideas for interior design. Read about using wood slats in the home interior!

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