Living room. Room for our guests, room where we spend 60 % of free time, a place that needs the most of our attention. A place that needs a unique look because it is one of the most important rooms in the house. To choose the best design for this place you need to make a lot of research on the net, to consult with your friends and of course to follow our website! Exactly in this post we will give you the best ideas about interior design with fireplaces. 

We offer you some of the best living room designs and your task is to take a look in the photos hereinafter. Enjoy!

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Simple and elegant living area

When you choose furniture like this in the photo you will know that you can clean the house in the best way. the pieces of furniture are lovely, looks great and will help you in maintaing clean the home. About the fireplaces, it’s good idea to have it in the home place. 

elegant furniture
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A contemporary design of a small living room

This is the most favorite photo of this post, for me. Lovely and impressive room for staying in!

small living room design
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Grey chaise sofa with plump cushions are a great combination

Refreshing house look with grey chaise sofa and plump white cushions on the flooring. Keep in mind this idea if you want to have a vivid living room place. 

modern small living room
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Modern fireplace and sofa in the living room

What a lovely design of living room with modern sofas, table and fireplace in it. All along, I love the chandelier that is I M P R E S S I V E!

modern fireplace idea
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Ultra cozy living room with fireplace

Having a fireplace with the place for the TV unit is great option for any home design. Take a look in this photo and find motivation for your house place. Warm yourself in modern way!

modern sofa
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Beautiful interior with stacked stone walls

Stacked walls are great choice if your goals are to create one modern interior place. Draw inspiration from this photo. 

stacked stone walls
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Painting accent walls for small interiors

And the last idea is about adding a painted accent wall as a part of the interior. You can have walls with this design in every room of the house but to copmplete the decor you can add a hanging hammock. 

small interiors
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Replace the TV stand with a lovely frame

If you are of those people who don’t have free time watching Tv and sitting on the sofa in front of the Tv, this is an idea that you need to check it right now. Sorry to disapoint you, but this is the last idea of this post. thanks for your attention. 

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Have a nice start of the week and keep following our amazing ideas!

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