It will be too bad if you have wood in yard and you have no idea how to reuse it. But don’t worry, that’s why we are here to give you some of the best ideas. I hope that you haven’t seen such an amazing wood slices crafts before and you will use the ideas to decorate your yard!

Wood slices garden pathway, do it yourself idea

First idea of this post is about how to use the tree stump and wood slices to create a garden pathway. It looks great, the place is clean and you have a modern pathway. Check this photo and learn how to make this project in your yard, follow the link below. 

wood slices art
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Wood slices cake holder for wedding 

The second idea is about how to use wood slices and to make a plate that you will use for wedding and birthday parties. I invite you to spend some minute and to see this amazing wood plate that you can make in your free time. 

wood slices plate
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Cord wood fence idea that is do it yourself

Here we are to the favorite idea of this post, at least favorite for me. As you can see, wood slices can be used for making a garden fence that will also be used for flower pots holder and a vertical garden. Find motivation in the photo now. 

wood fence
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Reused plywood for home furniture

We should save some money for us and to reuse the old wood we have in the yard. that’s why we just need a little free time and creative idea like this in the photo. This idea says that we can make chairs and table by using wood and to use this furniture for interior but also for exterior part of the house. See the photo to draw an inspiration from it. 

plywood chairs
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Make a chair by using wood material

We all love to have small wooden chairs that we will use to sit next to the fireplace and to enjoy in the winter season. That’s why we should TURN ON our imagination and to make a chair like this in the photo, to make it with a lot of effort and patience. 

wood chair
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DIY wood slice placemat for your home

Make wonderful craft that will beautify the table of your kitchen place and of course, for the dining room. the idea is that you can make a place mat just by using wood slices. follow the link below the photo that will take you to this project. 

wood slice placemat
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Wood slices picture frames, wall art

Don’t be afraid to add the wood slices on the walls of the house and to make a wall art. This is the last photo of this post, so don’t miss to see it and to find idea for your home walls! 

wood wall art
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