We have a lot of photos in our home and we want all of them to add it in a visible place. This is an impossible thing and if we exaggerate with photos we can make a big mistake with interior design. One of the smartest ways to hang your all favourite photos and memories is to choose one wall and to see the ideas about creating a nice gallery wall.

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Hang your photos on a gallery frames wall

It’s amazing to have one wall in the house where you can share all of the special memories you wish to be seen of your guests. In our first photo, you can see a combination of photo frames and letters that will make attraction in your house place. Make this wall to be the centre of your house!


Photo via www.amazon.it

Travel destinations gallery frames wall

Fill your blank walls with memories and forget about simple white walls, you don’t need it. What you really need is to choose this amazing frames and to arrange on a house wall in the same way. This style reminds to a summer period so you might choose this for summer and to choose black and white photo frames for winter period – the period that follows.

Gold frames for the amazing gallery wall

The gold colour is a trend for interior design so you can’t be wrong if you choose gold photo frames. Replace the old photo frames on your wall and add something modern, something eye-catching and surprising!

Choose the wall above the stairs

The place above the stairs doesn’t have to stay white, it can look adorable just by adding a few photos. If you are a familiar person probably you will choose this idea for wall decor. There is enough place for all the photos of your family members.

above the stairs

Photo via www.houzz.com

Photo frames with a combination of wall letters

Happy time and home letters can be combined with photo frames and of course to make one amazing wall. Make your dreams come true and instead of choosing 3D stickers and wallpapers for wall choose gallery wall ideas and be a creative person.

Corner photo frames arrangement

If you don’t have enough place in one wall for arranging your photo frames you can use two walls for this. To be more clear, you can use the corner above the stairs and connect two walls with your best photos! This is an amazing idea that will make you feel good while watching your photos when going upstairs.

Choose frames with the same dimension when creating a nice gallery wall

Choosing the different size of frames looks nice and choosing the same dimension if frames also look nice, the choice is yours. Maybe this idea is somehow more organising and looks pretty. By choosing an appropriate house design you tell a lot about your personality, so watch out and be careful about your choice!!!

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