If we don’t have a chance to add stacked stones on our house walls, we can make an improvisation and add stacked stone wallpaper. For me, stone wallpaper in 3D would have the same effect as real stones and bricks. You can have this wall in the living room place, in an entryway, in a bedroom place and also you can have it on the half wall or on the whole wall. The choice is yours, but please take a look in our photos that will help you to find inspiration for the interior place.

Under the stairs living room with 3D stone wallpaper

In many previous posts, I’ve been writing about how to reuse the space under the stairs. Now, we will give you an idea about bricks and stone wallpaper in 3D for house walls. This is a creative idea and if you are wondering how to add it, take a look in the following photo and be inspired.

Stone wallpaper for living room wall, tv stand

Your TV stand can have this design and you won’t have to take care of maintaining any bricks and stones in a home. Apply the 3D wallpaper and if you will be fed up of this look you can change it with another design the next month.

A living room stacked bricks walpaper in 3D

For those people who want Scandinavian design and style of home, this is the idea that they should pay attention to. If you are one of those people, pay attention to this photo or if you want to order a wallpaper like this, simply order it online on www.aliexpress.com which is a page that offers wallpaper with low prices.

Stacked bricks for living room wall, just wallpaper

The entrance hall also deserves the best attention and the best design ideas. Take care for this place to be enough inspiring and inviting. Save on words and make a design that will wish Welcome to the guests that are coming into the house.

3D walpaper for a dining room and living room (open plan)

Hidden LED lights to go great in combination with these stones and bricks. If you don’t think the same, please take a look in this photo and get inspiration from.

TV wall wallpaper in 3D

What an amazing wallpaper for the most important wall of our house place. This is the place that is seen by everyone that enters in our house place.

Open plan living area stacked stones

Previously I added the other part of this interior with the same design, stones on the wall but on a wallpaper. So, this is the last photo of this post. For me, who will ever notice that these are not actually real bricks and stones if you don’t admit it. Enjoy in the decor that you’ve created and let this to be your secret. And now, we will say GOODBYE!

stacked stone wallpaper

Photo via www.lireos.com

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