Backyard place needs water features to save the refreshing look. To have outdoor water fountains in the backyard, front yard or garden is of the highest importance in the summer period. This decorative element can add beauty to the outdoor place and be the centre focus of the exterior part of the house.

Take a glimpse in the following outdoor water fountains for modern backyard and find an idea for your outdoor place. Which of the following fountains you will choose to beautify your modern backyard, front yard or garden place? Tell us in a comment below this post!

Amazing backyard water features

How lucky you will be to have this design of fountain exactly in the centre of your yard. Imagine the feeling to listen to the water falling while you are drinking favourite coffee with your loved person!

Wine barrel outdoor water fountains

Wine barrels can have a lot of repurposes, this time you can see an amazing pump waterfall and wine barrel that looks great in your garden place. Take a look now!

Awesome outdoor fountain made of bricks

This lovely design with bricks and shingles will make you the most amazing backyard design. The water is falling off the shingles into the pond made of a stone vessel.

An outdoor waterfall made of rocks is a creative idea for any backyard place

A small water fountain made of small rocks is the solution for your outdoor part of the house!

Inspiring outdoor waterfall for amazing outdoor decor

Ceramic outdoor waterfalls are a necessity for any yard. Don’t you think the same as I do?

Modern fountain with lighting for alluring garden

Maybe this is the most inspiring idea of this post, at least for me. Stone water fountains have always been my favourite ones. Look at this amazing design!

Blue outdoor waterfall, creative solution for refreshing yard

Cute idea that gives you the modern and refreshing look of your outdoor place. Do you like this idea?

Table waterfall for a spectacular garden look

What about choosing an outdoor table with a waterfall and lighting? I really love the feeling of the water drops falling into the pool. Choose this and spend great summer moments in this place!

Stone water fountains with a combination of lighting

In this photo, you will see the modern combination of waterfall and lighting. By choosing this idea you will have enlighted outdoor place with amazing water fountain.

Gabion water fountain looks great in any outdoor place

Our last idea of this post is about gabion water features in one yard. If you want to see the best water features around the streets of the world, please check this link. Also, while you are there, spend some time on our website where you can get useful information about how to design the interior and exterior part of the house.

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