Balcony place is one of our favourite spaces where we drink coffee, sit with hours thinking about life, spend a great time with friends. Maybe that’s the thing that makes us think about choosing a modern design for this place. Spice up the balcony place with the following amazing design ideas, enjoy!

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For those people who want to create a romantic outdoor place, here is one lovely idea. As you can see, this balcony place is designed with stacked bricks on the wall, lantern, wrought iron seating bench, romantic curtains to cover the windows. All these decorative elements make this space attractive.

balcony design

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But if you are of those people who enjoy in simple style home/outdoor decor, this is for you. Add a colourful rug on the floor of balcony place, one bench for seating, one bench for adding a basket filled with flowers and lantern.

And are to the third photo of this post and you have the chance to see an elegant look of the outdoor balcony place. The elements that are needed for this design are a modern sofa, two coffee tables and wooden flooring. All this makes this place attractive and nice looking.

balcony design

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Black and white are the standard colours used for home and outdoor decor and these two colours never get out of a style. Take a look in this photo and you will see what your balcony place has been missing all the time until now.

Here is one idea about how to design the small balcony space. Even though space is small can still have a modern look and design. Make something that you will love it, love the design of outdoor space.

Use maximum the walls of the outdoor balcony and create there a vertical garden. Add thee the favourite flower pots you have at home. Add the lovely wooden bench, wooden floor, coffee table and enjoy this amazing place. Take a look in the following photo and think about copying the style.

Bohemian style is great if you want to live in a modern interior and exterior. Come on, take a look at this Bohemian style terrace place in London.

Another great combination of the standard colours, black and white but also there is a little accent of grey colour. I really love this balcony design idea and what about you?

For the end of this post, we offer you a glass fence idea for your balcony place. Take care that you have created the best outdoor area that you will love it. My advice for you is to steal one idea from every photo and to paste in your place. And of course, when you will finish the design feel free to share it with us because we would like to know. And now it’s time to say goodbye!

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