The space under the stairs can be smartly used and transformed into under the stairs garden, office room, place for wardrobe, dog house, tiny bathroom and many other ideas. This post is about how to create one amazing under the stairs garden in your house place!

Learn how to arrange the flower pots the best way and how to choose the best indoor garden flooring. Find inspiration in the following ideas that we prepared to motivate you! Then, visit our website and read our last post about built-in bench planters, thanks!

Modern mini indoor garden under the stairs

Living in a modern house doesn’t give you the right to leave empty spaces in the house. You need to be a creative person, for example, your empty space can be transformed into a lovely indoor garden place.

indoor garden

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Arrange the flower pots in a creative way, cool mini garden

During the winter time, our flowers need hot temperature and we must protect it from the cold weather. With a good choice of white pebble flooring and nice arranged flower pots, we can have the best indoor gardening right in the place under the stairs.

The contemporary garden flooring of rocks

This is a WOW mini garden that every person would love to have it in own house. Look at this amazing contrast of lighting, rocks and succulent. Do you like this idea? I? I love it!

Tiny garden with rocks and green plants

Large rocks can beautify the empty space of your boring house design. Refresh yourself after passing to the second floor of your house with this amazing look of nature. Natue created by yourself!

amazing garden indoor

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Modern and vibrant mini garden

Be fabulous, be modern, make every empty space of your house to be filled with plants and flowers. Use this idea that I’m sure you will like it!

Tiny but cute garden idea to fill the empty space

Large flower pots are a great choice and also looks good, but it could be a problem if we can’t find a place for them in our home. Use your empty space, be smart and check the photo that tells you everything!

Garden idea with lighting

You can have a lot of flowers in your home, but maybe the best solution is to find one suitable place. Let that place to be exactly under the stairs and also combine it with hidden lighting.

Great idea if you have an empty space under the stairs

Pebble flooring and small circles of green plants give you absolutely great look. Find inspiration for this idea.

Vibrant stairs garden idea

Vibrant look for a home is easy for creating, all you need to do is to use our ideas. Save this idea and use it for your house place decoration.

Incredible indoor under the stairs garden (mini)

The floor of rocks, a few flowers and plants, and some decorative elements you can transform this place to be the centre of your lovely house. Take a look in the last photo of this post and inspire yourself!

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