How many times have happened to you to prepare lunch for your guests while they are all seating outside in the yard? Time spent in cooking can be spent also outdoor if you have a lovely outdoor kitchen. You can talk to your guests and also cook at the same time. Cooking inside the house can be PAST for you and the future BRILLIANT.

What I like the most in outdoor kitchens is that your house kitchen stay clean and the house smells great. All the smell of the food is outside and also you and your guests in eat outside if you just add a dining room area attached to the kitchen. If we succeed to appeal your attention with our little introduction, stay with us to the end and see the images that follow, see your dream kitchen.

Lovely outdoor kitchen with flip or flop pergola covering

Every person dream to have an outdoor place for cooking and eating with family or friends. The best thing about having an open area in your yard is that you don’t need to spend money and going out into expensive restaurants. Now, you can have own restaurant with the best services in own place! in the following photo, we can see the amazing dining room, kitchen covered with flip or flop pergola.

Fireplace + TV wall unit + outdoor kitchen = relaxation

Having Tv wall unit in the outdoor place in combination with a fireplace built in the stone wall, outdoor barbecue and amazing seating area gives you the best relaxation place. We all need this in our porch, backyard, or front yard to spend great moments in the summer period. If you still think that cooking is boring check the rest photos of this post!

outdoor kitchen

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Stacked stones wall outdoor kitchen and dining room area

Stacked bricks are a great choice for outdoor wall barbecue and cooking place. Create a lovely atmosphere in the back or front yard and enjoy there. For additional decor, you may add an outdoor waterfall and to enjoy in the sound when water falls meanwhile you are eating your favourite food. Dream!

outdoor kitchen

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Outdoor barbecue, bar and fireplace of bricks

Recently, I’ve been writing about indoor bar but this is another idea about an outdoor bar that looks awesome and its made of cement blocks. Also, there is a fireplace as we can see and lovely living room. I don’t think that there is too much difference between living room and dining room, so the place can be transformed depending on your wishes.

Built-in outdoor kitchen area with dining room

Make your dreams come true and build the most beautiful kitchen place in an outdoor place and attached to the dining room. Take a look in this photo that will surely grab your attention. If you liked these ideas, also check our last post about modern house design that is definitely out of this world!

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