Are you looking for a modern house design that is out of this world? Well, you are at the right website and reading the right post that offers you one magnificent house design that will amaze you for sure. In the following, you will have an opportunity to see open plan living area including living room, dining room and kitchen room. And also there is a place for a small but modern terrace. To divide the rooms the designers have used white room dividers that additionally increase the beauty of the design.

If you are looking for curtains design to complete the home decor check this link that is full of curtains ideas. If not, pay attention to the following ideas that will help you to decorate your house in the best way!

House design open area living room, dining room and kitchen

Open is the cool idea to save space in a home and to fill the first floor of the house with living room, dining room kitchen and bathroom. The second floor can be used only for sleeping, in this way you will have a clean house and privacy. About the decor, in the living room are added two large flower pots, one modern TV wall unit, one coffee table for drinking favourite coffee in the morning.

Dining room, kitchen, living room and terrace design

The dining room can have this design including black table, blue chairs, on the table might be added fruits, coca cola cans, etc. Kitchen cabinet can have the same colour as the chairs and with this combination one house can look OUT OF THIS WORLD. Have you ever seen a house like this?

Amazing design of ceiling hidden lighting

Ceiling hidden lighting is a good choice for a kitchen place. The main reason why we don’t need to much light in this room is that we want to cook and eat in nice lighting ambient. About the terrace what I like the most is that you can open the window when cooking and the smell will going out of the kitchen. So, you will have a clean kitchen and refreshing air and although you will be inside of the house preparing the meal and enjoying in the decor. I love this house!

Contemporary living room TV stand and tiles flooring

About the flooring, you don’t need a carpet at all, all you need are tiles that looks modern. By choosing floor tiles you can have clean floor every day and to clean it in a very quick way just by using jogger and water. The tv stand is also modern and under the TV there are wall shelves that will help you to organize the books. On the coffee table are added a coffee cup, teapot and flowers so is made lovey table setting. As you can see, this living room has an adorable terrace which is great for hot summer days.

house design

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