Hello, hello, hello! This day we won’t give you ideas about how to decorate the interior or exterior place, but we will strictly keep your attention with our washing areas design ideas! This is one theme that touches each woman especially those with two or three children who spends a lot of time in the washing areas. That’s why we think that you need to take care for the design of the washing areas, to find some special room for this aim, the room can be placed indoors or outdoors, and to organize the things here in the way you wish to be organized.

And now, check these washing areas design that we have to show you in the following photos, but let me also tell you that in the most of the cases the areas are outside which might be smart only in the summer period! Don’s miss to see the designs that follow!

Perfect laundry room design

Some people add their laundry room in the kitchen, the other add the room in the bathroom, but maybe it would be smarter to have special room for this. In this room, you can wash the clothes, dry the clothes and the room will be empty in every period of the day!

washing areas design
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Balcony laundry room

One perfect place for having a laundry room or say if you want washing area, is exactly the balcony place. However, this place needs to be covered during the winter period to be used for this aim. Take a view in the photo now and see how it’s perfect this design.

balcony laundry room
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Laundry room with combination of landscaping

In the outdoor place, in backyard place for example, we can have laundry room and in the same time to have nice landscaping. This two combinations have took part in my heart and I will surely try to copy in my yard. What about you?

laundry room
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Balcony laundry room covered with glass

With this design, you will absolutely have dry clothes for short period and you will have perfect room where you will be motivated to spend more time than usually.

balcony laundry room
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Laundry room plan in 3D

Before choosing to make some room or balcony a laundry room, use the 3D plans to make the best visualization. And now, spend some time to see this plan we offer to you.

laundry room
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Rustic laundry room

This design is a great choice for those people who have vila or a country house, placed outside of the city. I invite you to scroll down, to see the design and to copy the style, this is perfect style.

rustic laundry room
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At the end of the post, like always, thanks so much for your attention, keep following us in future, share the ideas with friends and also read about our last post that wad about how to choose the best bedroom wardrobes designs, check the link.

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