There are arched windows in almost every home that there is actually no conditions to hang the curtains and that’s why we need some smart ideas for this. Curtains can totally change the ambient of your house place design, can beautify the room, can make it larger and brighter. So, these are the reasons why you shouldn’t quit adding curtains for all the windows of your rooms. The ideas are here, in this post, we offer you the coolest way about how to hang curtains without a rod and your task is to read the full text and to LEARN. And if you still think that this is an impossible mission, well it surely it is possible, you can avoid the rods and have the best coverage for your windows.

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Hang curtains without a rod with this technique

You don’t need command hooks, drilling or rods, call it whatever you wish to, you need to use this smart idea for your arch shaped window. Cover the window in the best possible way!

hang curtains

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Cover the window in the bedroom with the best curtains design

Here is how your bedroom arched window can be covered and still to have modern design and to look stunning.

An alternative solution to hang the curtains in the kitchen

Also, use this tips for the kitchen room where you can hang the curtains without using any rods. Be a creative person and make it easy the process of hanging curtains for all windows of your house place.

Interesting way to hang the curtains at home

This is one interesting way to beautify the windows of your own room, living room or kitchen room windows. cover it with some modern designs that will embrace the beauty of the indoor place.

Arched windows curtains design

Your arched windows can look like this and you can be the happiest person in the world.

arched windows

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Contemporary ways to hang the curtains

And of course, we must also tell you about the contemporary way to have curtains for the windows and also to avoid rods, so take a look in this photo and see how your house can look. Curtains can be simply attached from the ceiling to the floor and to keep the modern look.

Hang the curtains in the terrace door

Or, one cool idea to hang the curtains at home is to use the space of your door. Cover the door with modern curtains and guess what? You don’t need any rods, drillings and command hooks if you copy this idea for your home place. For the end of this post, I want to ask you to share these ideas with your friends who are in plan to renovate their houses with modern curtains like these.

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