Throughout the architecture and design history, the spiral stairs were used in many interiors as modern mansions, churches, cushions. Nowadays, we have a chance to have this amazing style in our own home and to enjoy in the design. If you are looking for modern spiral stairs, this is it, you are the right place, at the right time and reading about the best ideas. The ideas are our and the CHOICE is only yours, so decide to have the best interior design.

Let’s see together a few amazing designs and styles! Also, if you live in a small house, check about tiny houses design and amaze yourself.

Breathtaking and modern interior spiral stairs

It will too bad to have indoor stairs at home but with an ordinary design. Take care for having an original design that will be the centre of your house and check the photo below which can be your decor goal.

Modern circular stairs in interior

If you have a modern house you must have also a modern stair. These two things go together without the doubt. Find inspiration in the photo below and copy the style for own house.

spiral stairs

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A unique design of stairs

Stairs can look unique and modern if you choose the best style. This is the style you need for a stylish home. Do you like it?

Modern spiral stairs with contrast wall

When you have modern stairs at home the only thing that stays to you is about the wall above the stairs.

Wooden stairs used in interiors

The circular shape of the stairs looks great for every house and the wood material looks wonderful. In this and in the following photo you will see two different stairs design made of the same material – wood.

Wooden indoor stairs (spiral)

Most of the indoor stairs are made of wood but not every style is the modern one. This stairs in the photo are the example of what modern style means. I hope that you will like t have this style at home place.


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Contemporary white stairs in a spiral form

Bring the style at home with spiral indoor steps. Find inspiration in this photo that is nothing else but the perfection of home decor. By the way, don’t forget to share it with friends!

Red accent stairs

If you just have stairs like this you won’t have a problem to go upstairs and to come down. You will simply wish to walk and climb through this steps every moment of the day. Look at the modern design that totally caught my view!

modern spiral stairs

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Modern black stairs

What about modern black indoor stairs?

Metal stairs used in interiors

When you have modern stairs at home you have great design. The previous photos proved that interior stairs are the centre of our home. I hope that you found these ideas inspiring and sincerely want to thank you for your attention. See you!

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