Not long ago, it was familiar to see people have a gym or a cinema room in their house, however over the past few years, one of the most popular additions to any household has been a games room.

One of the main reasons for the rise in people looking to create their own dedicated space to get their game on has been the pandemic, and one of the most popular genres of gaming during the difficult time has been video gaming. reported that video games, for example, have seen a 37% increase in sales due to more of us being forced to stay indoors and having to seek our entertainment.

However, it’s not just online or digital gaming that has inspired many to create their rooms dedicated to their favorite hobbies and interests. You could have your space to watch the ball game, play poker, board games, or whatever you desire.

However, it can be hard to get right with so many options to deck out your gaming space. But there’s no need to worry, as we’re here to give you a hand.


As you’re spending time relaxing when you partake in your favorite pastime, think of the seating you’d need to help enhance your experience. If you’re going digital, you’d be best served getting a good gaming chair, with one with lumbar support to help your posture and keep you concentrating on the game, not your back! When displaying your games, consider built-in shelving for your collection of titles; whether it’s board games or video games, they deserve to be shown off; not only will it help with organization, but it’ll also look neat.

Bespoke items

These items are dedicated to your game or hobby of choice, and they’re the focal point of the room. For instance, if you’re into retro gaming, maybe you’d look to get hold of some cabinets like these found in the arcade at Lake Grove. If you intend to host poker games, then your room will need some bespoke items. suggest that the days of playing poker around a kitchen table for a dime are long gone. Purpose-built table toppers, or full tables, are now the norm, and you might wish to consider this when furnishing your room.


Previously here at Décor Inspiratior, we’ve spoken about the importance of decorative elements, including lighting, and how they can make a difference in any space. If you’re playing games online, LED strips around the room would be a great accent as natural lighting isn’t really a good choice as it’s a distraction. However, if you’re sitting around a poker table waiting for the next card to be dealt, for example, then direct downlighting above the table would work better so everyone can see what’s happening and avoid strain on the eyes.


If your room is one where football is the focus, then how about recreating the feel of a sports bar, perhaps. Think of how you’d see the big-screen TVs on the wall, maybe a few well-placed pieces of sporting memorabilia such as a signed jersey too? Would your video gaming room look better with a Pac-Man neon sign on the wall? Maybe you want to have retro controllers as art pieces? Or think of having a scoreboard on the wall to ramp up that sense of competition with your visiting buddies.

In Conclusion

Remember, your gaming room can be your place for creative thinking, it’s your place to up the ante and show off your love of whatever your favorite pastime is. It’s your space, where you will play your game and hopefully share it with others who share the same passions. We hope you liked some of our ideas and hope to have inspired you to create your own gaming space to enjoy.

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