There’s nothing like a pair of antique chairs to really add character to a room, and as far as style and design goes, you have a wide range to choose from. From purely functional to stunningly decorative, antique chairs offer far more than a place to sit. With that in mind, here are some of the more popular styles of antique chairs.

  • The Windsor Chair – This style originated in Windsor, during the early 1700s, with some having side arms and some not. Many lathed spindles are used to create the back frame, with a single, flat seat usually made from mahogany or oak.
  • The Chaise Longue – Literally, ‘long chair’, this iconic design allows the person to put their feet up, which originated in France during the early 18th century and has a high back and encircling arms, which adds to its appeal. If you would like to view a selection of genuine chaise longue chairs, there are antique chairs for sale from the online antique dealer, who only deals in genuine items.
  • The Fauteuil Chair – A French design, the Fauteuil style is an upholstered chair with open sides, finely carved arms that were very popular during the reigns of Louis XIV and XV, fine laced fabric and golden painted carvings. If you would like to view fine Fauteuil chairs, search online for a UK antique dealer, who would have a selection of chairs from all periods. 
  • The Corner Chair – Very distinct in design, this chair has a diagonally placed seat, which allows you to place it in a corner, a great space-saving idea. The seat is usually upholstered, with 4 or 5 ornately carved pieces that make up the back support, with cherry and mahogany favoured timbers. You can find a list of chair styles online. Just a quick search on your preferred browser should lead you to informative articles. 
  • The Recamier Chair – At the end of the 18th century, chairs began to change, with flowing, luxurious arms and fine padded upholstery, and this long chair can be used as a sofa. The French really did know how to make stunning chairs, and with the online antique dealer, you can easily source fine items of antique furniture.
  • Mahogany Hall Chairs – Ideal for the formal dining room, early 20th century hall chairs are sturdy yet elegant and are often sold in pairs, and with solid shield backs, these chairs are both functional and stylish.
  • The Duchesse – A type of long chair based on the Chaise Longue design, this chair has 6 or 8 legs with a rounded headrest and encircling arms. The leg rest section is often attachable, so the chair can be used as an armchair without the leg extension. This design was created in the Rococo period in the early part of the 18th century in France.
winged chair near console table
Image Source: Unsplash

Whatever the style you prefer, there are always fine antique chairs available from the online antique dealer, who can easily be found with a simple Google search, and when you have found what you are looking for, you can make the purchase online.

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