There are many decisions homeowners have to make when it comes to selling their property. This is especially the case for those whose property has a lot of imperfections. Some may want to fix everything, but it might not necessarily make a real difference to buyers, or on the value of the property. On the other hand, selling it as-is could scare off certain buyers and affect the value negatively. Let’s take a look at some of the red flags that could scare away home buyers so you can focus on the most important repairs to make.

Siding Issues

Siding is one of those things people will see right away. It’s also something that you can fix rather quickly and be able to get a good return on your investment. Poor siding may seem like a minor issue to you, but it will make a lot of buyers suspicious about the property. After all, if you’re not willing to take care of the siding, why should they believe that you care about everything else?

There are many siding materials, and we suggest you start looking at the most popular types. You’ll be able to find one that will give you the perfect balance of esthetics and affordability.

Elaborate Water Features

You and your children might love the tiki-inspired waterfalls and slides or the koi pond you had installed in your backyard, but these can look like a massive nightmare to someone else. When it comes to yards, simple is usually better. This is an area people want to personalize, and if it has too much of your mark on it, then it might deter some people. So, if you were thinking of adding some water features or a fancy landscaping element, don’t. If you’re going to add anything, a deck is the only thing that will be a winner with most and won’t cost you much.

An Unfinished Basement

Unfinished basements are usually a tough thing to deal with for homeowners. They are significant projects, and many may ask if they’ll be able to recoup their investment. You might not get all of it back upon sale, but it has been estimated that you could get as much as 75% back. Where it will make a difference, however, is on salability. Some people will simply refuse to buy a home with an unfinished room, let alone one as important as the basement. This is why you will need to consider either finishing the basement or be ready to slash the price of the house by a lot.

Strange Smells

It is recommended that you do a deep cleaning of your house before you put it on the block. Even if you think it is clean, you may not be aware of lingering smells in the house. This is especially important if you have a pet. People make a very strong emotional connection with smells and they will make a bad association with the smell and your house. Moldy smells could also be cause for concern.

So, if you were thinking of putting your home up for sale, you will need to consider these red flags. If in doubt, ask an experienced realtor and they will be able to tell you which issues could be dealbreakers.

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