Hey friends, I have a few advice for you about interior design and 5 living room styles, so stay with me to the end of this post. Avoid spending too much time decorating all the rooms you have in the house because the most important room is exactly the living room. Concentrate on this room that deserves the best design idea and attention from you. You must be enough brave to mix up decor elements and design if you want to improve the interior design.

I invite you to see the following 5 living room styles that will give you decor goals. The ideas are ours and the choice is always yours, be careful!

1. Give the living room Midas touch

The first of total 5 living room styles is to choose mids touch for your most important room of the house. Combination of gold and white will give you one amazing living area where you can receive your guests. By the way, check what type of sofa you may choose for this room.

2. Give your living room condo style with the use of a pleasant blue colour

The second idea says: Refresh the living room with condo style of pleasant blue walls painting, blue wall shelves, blue Tv stand, blue pillows and table display. Feel refreshed spending nice time with family and friends exactly in this place. Feel like you are lying on a beach and actually you are sitting in your living room.

3. Give your living room gold accent

The third idea of this post is about adding gold colour in living room place. There is nothing much better of adding a trend colour in interior design. in this case, the gold colour is always in trend and modern. Golden photo frames hanged on the wall, gold and black chandelier, gold floor lamp and gold table say a lot about this modern interior design. To choose this style is one of the best things you can do for the home place. The choice is yours!

4. Vibrant style of a living room that makes a room look bigger

Orange and green combination of a room design give you adorable vibrant style. Our 4 idea of this post tells you that these two colours give you one comfort atmosphere, modern look and a style that makes the room bigger. I must admit that I love this idea and if one day I might renew my living room I will choose this idea.

5. Neutral style for a cosy modern look 

For the end of this post, I want to give you an inspiration about neutral design. The domination of white colour in interior gives pure look and touch to something nice and innocent. I hope that you liked all of the total 5 ideas of this post. I promise you that I will search for other ideas about living room design and will share with you!

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