We can’t imagine to have house walls without mirrors on it, we can’t imagine the interior design without mirrors. Well, this is the thing that motivated me to write this post which is so creative and filled with modern ideas.

You have designed the living room with modern sofa and coffee table, but somehting is missing? Well, have you added a mirror on the wall? You don’t have an idea what type of mirror to choose? Stay with us to the end of the post for seeing the best ideas!

Let me introduce you these modern mirrors that are essential part from modern interiors! 

Choose the best mirror for the entryway and console table

We need to choose console table and mirror for our entryway walls and to create one modern place. Take a look in the first photo of this post to see what means to have modern interior walls. 

console table and mirror
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Modular mirror for the living room area

About the living room, we need to choose something discrete, indirect and modular mirror pieces will be enough to create modern living room area and to impress our guests which come sto visit us. 

mirror in the living room
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Let’s see again mirror in entryway place

Well, I’m not so sure that this is mirror on the entryway hall but many it can be! Maybe also this mirror can be part from our bedroom place and we can love the design. Take a look in this photo and see this nice design and also feel free to share with friends. 

mid century
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Choose pieces of mirror for your house walls

Well, if you want to have different design and something unique, something that no one have it, see this design. If you are aksing me, I will choose this design for one of my house walls ut definitely I won’t choose it for my own room. 

wall mirror
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Modern way to add mirror on the walls

Your room can keep the modern design and you can enjoy in the mirror that you have on the walls if you choose this idea. I invite you to see this design and to think if this is suitable for your home place. But, if you are looking for something to be functional for you, take a look in other designs that we hashown to you. 

mirror walls
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Modern mirror designs in entryway again

And, we will finish the design again with the entryway room as we stared. Feel free to see this idea, feel free to steal the design and feel free to share with your friends and inspire them too. This is the last idea from this post, hope you enjoyed!

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At the end of the post, like always, we want to thanks for your free time and your attention and to invite you to read our last post that is about how to choose the best display shelves for your modern house walls and TV units, just click here. 

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