Hello dear friends. If you have some free time, please spend it with us and find some great ideas for the interior place. Let’s see in our outstanding rustic wood furniture for today, have fun and find inspiration for your house place too!

In short, you will see modern wood log lamps, modern table and chairs, modern wooden rustic bathtub and bath cabinet and more ideas. Spend some minutes with us dear friends!!!

Rustic wood table and chair for modern dining room

In the first idea you will see how to add rustic wooden table and bench for the room where you are having dinner. In this room, you will have dinner with family and friends and in the same time you will be proud of modern decor.

rustic wood furniture
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Rustic wooden bathroom cabinet and shelving

In the second idea, you will see how is used the wood for the bath walls and to create shelves for storage. Copy this style for your bathroom pace and love the decor, but first, see the photo now which is the second from this post.

rustic wood bath
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Wooden and amazing bathtub that looks so impressive

In this photo, you will see amazing wooden bathtub for a modern bath. If you are a person who dreams to have a modern bath, please keep following our page and this post and see also other great ideas for the home place. Spend some time and see the third idea from the post.

wooden bathtub
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Impressive wooden log lamps for floor or night stand table

We will show you nice wooden lamps made of old logs for the table and for the floor. These lamps should catch your attention and you can bring the light in a home in a modern way. Bring the fashion at a home with modern wooden log lamps.

wood lamp
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Amazing interior stairs made of old wood looks so nice

In the last idea you will see modern stairs for interior place. the stairs are wooden and rustic and in the same time they are outstanding, trust me. Let’s see this design and finish this post for this day, this is the last idea from it.

wooden stairs
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Dear friends, thanks so much that you spent your free time with us and keep doing that to see our amazing interior and exterior design ideas. If you are kind, please also tell your friends for our page and the ideas that we have to show you!!! By the way, check the last post about how to use velvet in interior place and at the same time to create one modern charming home design.

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