Hey friends. After the post about how to reuse the old plastic bottles, we will give a few tips about how to decor the home place. Stay with us and read our tips for creating nice home decor and by the way learn some useful tips for your home place. You will see few tips for curtains, carpets and entrance hall place, so be informed with our amazing ideas.

Choose the color and design of the suitable curtain

First of all, take care of the curtains that will cover the windows in the home. Choose the suitable color if the design and ambient are light, choose light-colored curtains but if the design is dark, choose dark colors. It all depends on the other home decoration elements, so pay attention to this element.

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Choose the best-hidden lights for house walls

The lighting in one home also plays an important role and if you wish to keep the modern style you need to choose modern lights. With modern lamps, you will save n energy bills and you will complete the modern style and modern home decor will be your present now. Take a look in the photo now to see the design.

wall lights
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Take care for the entrance hall

If you wish to have modern home decor, you have to think of the good storage and organization of the shoes, coats and any other thing you have there. Choose modern shoe storage racks, modern wardrobes, modern carpet for the floor and modern mirror for the wall.

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Choose modern carpet for the home flooring

After the style of the curtain for covering the windows now, you have to think of choosing the best carpet for the flooring. I think that you should choose the best carpet for the living room and entryway because these two rooms are seen by each person that enters our homes. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we should choose the best design for the bedroom where the design we can keep for us.

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Well, friends, we are at the end of this post. Hope that you already have found some idea about the design of the curtain to cover the windows, to cover the flooring place and also you have found some idea for the entrance hall. Thanks for the time you spent with is and keep doing this in the future to see other cool ideas!!!

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