Hey friends. We can decorate the home with wood, concrete and other materials so, in the same way, we can choose a suitable color for the house. But, we can just choose decor with stones and enjoy having lovely bathrooms, living room walls, entrance halls, flooring, and furniture. Also, you can have the best interior place with the best ideas that you have never seen before in life!!!

Each photo has it’s own meaning and talks about itself so use the chance to check each photo and to spend 2 to 3 minutes for every photo. Check the details, find an idea for home or just share with friends who are in plan to include the STONES to be apart of their interior or maybe exteriors???

Stones wallpaper in the living room – decor with stones

In the first photo, we will show you how to include the stones to be part of the living room walls. If you don’t want to have stones in real in interior place you can choose this wallpaper and to make an improvisation!!!

decor with stones
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Bath walls made with stones

In the second photo, we can see stone walls for bathroom place and impressive lighting. With a design like this, you will wish to spend all the time free you have to take a shower in it!!!

bath walls
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Pebble stones for the kitchen backsplash

In the third photo, we can see stones used in the kitchen and for the kitchen backsplash. If you wish to have the same design in your kitchen place, take a look at the photo now and find some idea for your own home place.

stones kitchen backsplash
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Using bricks as walls in the most important room from the house/decor with stones

Which is the most important room from the house? We have been talking about this many times before. The living room and here we can have bricks, large stones, pebbles or rocks on the walls and enjoying in having modern interior place. Sorry to tell you that this is the last photo from the post and I hope you will keep following our page in the near future for more ideas about interior and exterior place!!!

bricks in living room
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Also for the end of the post, I invite you to check our last photos and last post we shared that was about impressive small floor lamps. Hope to find a great idea for the home!!!

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