Dear friends, I thought that you have free time to see some of the best wooden shelves for the interior. So, if I am in right, go to the photos below and choose the best shelves for your house walls. Add the shelves in the living room, add it in the bedroom or in any other room of the house. But first, choose the best design that will be suitable for your home.

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Combine wooden shelves with lighting

Our first idea is about how to combine the lighting with the wall shelves for house walls. Take a look in it, but if you are not interested in shelves with light, go to the next photos. 

wooden shelves
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Rustic wood shelves for living room walls

The second photo is about how to use the rustic wood for the wall shelves. This is an idea that is handmade and if you are creative person, take a look in it. 

wall shelves
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Wooden corner shelves for house corners

This is the best idea for the corners of your house. Take a look in the photo to see what means to be smart and to use the best corner shelves for any room of the house. 

corner shelves
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Creative wardrobe and shelves organization

This is the best idea for the walls of your house. I hope that you will love the idea that is something so unique and good looking. 

wall shelves
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Unique shaped bookshelves for homes

Add here all your books on the bookshelves that are with the best shapes for your home. Take a look in the photo here to see what means to have nice interior design. 

wall bookshelves
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Oxygon wall shelves made of wood

Use the shelves for the organization of the everyday objects you have at home. Also, create there a vertical garden with your favourite flowers. Draw inspiration from the photo below. 

hexagon shelves
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Black and red wall shelves in square shapes

Take a look in these red and black shelves that will bring the comfort in your house. In the same way you will create lovely wall design. Design to love and to dream for. 

black and red shelves
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Hanging wood squares for the walls of the house

These wooden hanging squares are the last idea of this post. I invite to you to check the photo and to think about adding the shelves on the walls. Thank you for your attention because this is the last idea of this post. Or, if you have missed all the photos that we shared in this post, please go back and motivate yourself. 

wooden squares
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At the end of the post what can we add unless to thank you for your attention and to invite you to be our follower in near future. 🙂

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