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Grey and blush pink bedroom design idea

In the very first photo of this post you can see perfect design of a bedroom. The used colours here in the room are light grey and pink which gives this room extra good look. 

pink and grey bedroom design
Photo via www.picdeer.com

Pink and grey kitchen design idea

Who will say that pink colour will be nice colour for one kitchen? Well, if you have the time to check this photo you will find out that this kitchen have the best design with pink and grey colours. The cabinet can keep the pink colour and about the walls add black. 

pink and grey kitchen
Photo via www.ilady.com.cn

Grey and pink combination in the bedroom place

Here we will mention again the design of a bedroom. The use of light grey design looks so great and functions in the same way as dark grey. I invite you to see this design and to think if you want to have it in your own home. 

grey bedroom
Photo via www.europe-in-dc.com

Combination of grey, pink and black for living room

Modern living room design with dark grey and a little accent of pink. Also, take care for adding modern lighting here that will be discrete because you don’t need too much light in the room. 

living room
Photo via www.interest.pics

Use pink and grey for the home office decoration

If you work from home and you have a home office, this is one of the best way to decorate it. Enjoy in the beauty of this combination and work in easy way. 

office in pink and grey
Photo via www.weheartit.com

Dark black and blush pink bedroom 

The use of dark grey is a great option for decorating the sleeping room. Take a look in the photo now and draw inspiration from this photo. By the way, if you like this idea, feel free to share it with friends. 

pink and grey bedroom
Photo via www.weheartit.com

Grey and pink colours for the nursery room

For the end of this post, take a look in this nursery room design that is so cute. To break the monotony of pink colour, use grey and white and enjoy in the decoration. If you want to get motivation from, take a look in the photo. 

pink and grey nursery room
Photo via www.dawg.info

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